Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am not sure that we decide on 'objects' of adoration. Sure, there are always ways of being attracted to someone or forging close bonds and friendships that give you a sense of profound warmth, belonging and kinship. But adoration is a word that washes over me like a torrent of graceful summer rains; drenching and soothing and cleansing all at the same time. Adoration. How can you not love a word like that? :)

If you are not much of a wordlover as I am wont to be possessed by such a hobby as wordloving, then reflect on this at least: you will adore something or someone at least once in your life. You will love, yes. You will desire and yearn for and dream of and remember. But especially, you will adore, if only once in your life.

And that adoration will form the basis for almost all forms of reference. It will tell you about the object of your adoration. But it will thrill you to know that you have filled your being with the sweetness of having adored, and been engulfed for a time in adoring another. The great likelihood is that you will have been adored.

How lovely!

And you will carry with you that label of adoration; an unequivocal card of identity that will add to your resume of life a small sense of accomplishment, and even a reasonable explanation as to why the perfect heart that you were born with, might actually look a little tattered (and somewhat torn?). Just like an old book that has been read a few too many times; but is loved more now, in it's almost pitiable state, than it was when it first gleamed proudly atop a bookseller's shelf.

Aah, to adore and be adored is precisely what being alive is all about! And then to refer to it in fairytale form everytime the mind insists that such things are tricks of the fantasy writer's realm. The soul remembers. And the heart knows. Adoration is.


desert demons said...

I like the new "adoring" you. Very good aura - hmmm could adoration be a step away from love?

KimyaShafinaaz said...

hi dd :) hmm... adoration stands on its own, and wears its very own wreath of roses! it just is ;)

KiLLa said...

Adoring someone is a phenomenal feeling. Even if they dont adore you back.

That split moment of adoration is priceless..

The Organ Harvester said...

I am speechless.
Anything I say will be defacing this post.

KimyaShafinaaz said...

:) btw, phenomenal is a four-syllable word...

OH, almost didnt publish this comment. cos its a cop-out. u can say more than that>!? and no, it wnt deface the adoration that pours out here :P

AD said...

as i read you, even if it is uneblieveable and too outta my head to give it a thought to, i believe in you and your observations :)

your post is pricelss, esp in the way it now makes me open to a newer horizon.
thank you honey
you are always the gold giver to my eagerness!

KimyaShafinaaz said...

lady seher, i wish you much happiness and soulful adorations...

you remind me why it is that i adore writing :)

Crimson Shimmer said...

"Muhammad said,
'Woman prevails over the wise and intelligent;
while the ignorant dominate over her.'
They lack tenderness and affection because their animality prevails.
Love and gentleness are human qualities;
aggressiveness and lust are bestial.
Woman is a ray of God.
She is not that earthly beloved.
You could say:
she is creative, not created."

Stay the lovely woman you are.
Seas of adoration from Moulana and I...

shafinaaz said...


thanks my dear friend. ur wiseness flows beyond the worth of the physical world. hope that it takes you to great heights in your life!