Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Insane in Time

It's been an insane year. So much so that it's evident in me not having blogged here for almost two months. That's seven weeks or so. My reference to insanity is not said as a bad thing, although I do miss my blog.
But the insanity is also a fabulous time to reflect on the passage of the ten months that 2010 has been, and the very fleeting two remaining months that will be.
Even though its been a very quickly melting year, I've often in the past not been able to account for these quick spurts of time. This year is most different, and I have much to be thankful for.
And so when I have those moments when I come up for air, I know and remember to be grateful to the Source of all my creativity, starting from the breath that sustains me on a daily basis.

And to 2010. Thank you for being the rollercoaster of delights that you have been. Thank you for the promises that you have laid before me that will continue this gregarious festive energy well into the new year. Thank you for the highs, the open doors, the lifted ceilings, the fresh air, the wonderful people that I am able to work and play with and the very thing that makes life worth every bit: Love.

What point would the M4K blog have if it wasnt to appreciate the advent of the blook in its name, Memoirs For Kimya, right?
M4K will be distributed as a gift book by some women's empowerment initiatives and corporates in the coming weeks. And I will be off to Germany with Daughters are Diamonds and my research on violence and gender during the first two weeks of December to present at a conference at Humboldt University. And then, its the new year. The New Year.

God is Great.


Dreamlife said...

I recall a comment on one of my posts, where you talked about me being too busy LIVING life to stop and write about it. And how all of those experiences could foster brief, intense spurts of written inspiration.

May that be the case with you, Kimya :)

Americanising Desi said...

it has been such an insane year that we've drifted apart!

Azra S. said...

MashAllah, that's great to hear. Wishing you the best, as always :)

Muhammad Wasif Javed said...

Wish you all the best for your Germany trip & new year ahead!
Stay blessed always!

shafinaaz said...

thanks DL... Ameen :)

AD: Please watch Eat,Pray,Love! If we were in the same country, I would take you to see it! Just watched it today with a dear friend, and I will def go see it again. Yep. It was that good! x

Azra dear... I have yet to meet your awesome self. I hope that 2011 will gift that moment to me! Thanks you kindly.

Wasif, thank you friend. You're always so thoughtful and kind. Stay blessed you too!

Anonymous said...

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