Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blessed Showers

It's raining beautiful sheets of silver on my last day here in Polokwane. Just last night, I sat looking at the blank tissues of this screen and pondered the many things that have infiltrated my mind of late. I tend to do this. Usually on my last day at my parents home. Especially, at the close of yet another year.

There's something beautiful, replenishing about a rainy day like today. Like it's not an ending but a beginning, yet again. The scent of promise lingers. An announcement echoes from the heavens. There is yet much to look forward to, of that I am sure. And home will always be right here for when I need to return into it's embrace.

'Reflection' and 'Contemplation' are twins of course. And 'Appreciation' is a far-related, but necessary cousin. She's always invited to the party :)

Love and Light,


Azra S. said...

I always love (and welcome) the rain... it's like a lullaby for the soul...

You have us all intrigued. Wishing you all the best, as always :)

shafinaaz said...

Thanks Azra :)
Best wishes to you too... I hope that 2011 allows us to cross more than just virtual paths! xoxo