Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Journey

I am nothing more than bemused at the accent on time and the markers that it seems to have left along my journey so far. If there are more kimyatic ramblings at this space to come in commemoration, then so be it!

The journey is more than fraught with entertainment, if we just let it be. If you read this blog regularly, then you will have noticed that the banner has undergone yet another change. What began as simply mymemoirs, evolved over time to become SoApBoX Shafinaaz: A World of Words. A rather grandiose title, perhaps. This time, it has come to it's final naming: 'Memoirs For Kimya' - in this way immortalising the essence of why this blog began in Kimya's name. The difference now, is that I have, since the publication of the blog-to-book version, put my name to the writings and ramblings of these virtual pages. I used to scribble here in 2005 simply as 'kimya'. She was the veil behind which I wrote. Perhaps it made it easier to share with the outside world. Or it was a clever way of silencing self-censorship. Either way, its entirely possible that the flavour of writings has changed with the intentions and hence reinventions of the blog. I have not changed a word of early bloggings since I laid full claim. So if anyone has the slightest curiosity, go ahead and search for earlier posts. Forgive the grammatical errors. As you know, they continue to speckle my path; a symbol of my insolence, my refusal to edit the raw matter that forms my art of vanity and other such luxuries displayed here. All else is evolving as we speak. And so am I.

Kimya, naming, and being. All range across the spectrum of interrogation that has used this canvas to pull me through my challenges, my fears, my childish rants and my somewhat poetic, often academic musings. I have arrived. And yet another new road beckons. This is what it was all about to begin with.

Note: Search this blog for A Rose By Any Other... A reflective post circa Oct 2006 about my making sense of identity, naming, and the interplay of layers of identification.

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