Thursday, December 30, 2010

the essence of memory

memory lane is strewn
with papers from my life.
a wrapper from a sweet,
an old band aid, discarded,
the plastic packets that
held my first
set of books,
as these

memory lane is
enveloped in the
fragrance of the past,
the promise of tomorrow,
the surreal of today.

there are pies in the oven,
a cd spinning on the deck,
a whisper on the wind,
and a photo frame dangling
on the edge of the windowsill.

curtains dance,
teased by the wind,
reaching for that photo frame,
playing to erase it,
from the details
of this memory lane.

it crashes to the floor,
succumbing to its fate,
splattering tiny bits of glass
like blood, white, frozen

i don't reach for it,
don't move to pick it
from the floor.
no need to take one last look.
the shell is cracked,
broken, but
the soul of its memory lingers
in my core.

1 comment:

Saaleha said...

I do so love this! Poignant. Beautiful. As always... :)