Friday, December 17, 2010

For Rabiya: Becoming

The face in the mirror is haggard.
Restless. Not myself.
It needs a shift. I know.

I want to learn to be more like me,
and less like him...

Him, who turns me into a ball of foil
and uncreases me,
and crumples me;
he does this a few times
before throwing me into the distance.

I want to learn to be less like that,
and more like this.

This inside. This promise of a new dawn.

That is me.


pserean said...

uncreases me and crumples me...
i like those words:)

i s'pose we're all balls of foil in someone's hands...sooner or later.can't escape the creases, right?

Saaleha said...

Love the foil imagery. Someimes tho, I want to snatch the foil of my being back. Own it. No longer allow anyone to crease, to crumple. And toss.