Thursday, December 16, 2010


I've severed a tie in my mind today;
it was hopeless,
you see.

Ragged breath and flaring eyes
met me at the door
of innocence.

I let it in. Offering balance.

It tore me up.
Shredded me to bits.
Barking. Angry. Violent.

A calm descended after the storm.

Rose water fell from the heavens.
I drank it in.

I forgave. I forgot.

Hope burst forth.

We watched the moon reflected on the water.
Again I let it in. Hope. Life. Etc.

It snarled. Face contorted.
A new demon revealed itself this time.

I shrunk back.

It bit my head off.
Severed. On reconciliation day.

My life overflowed. Manufactured from within.
I seeped into the ground.

Life sprang forth. A tiny shoot. A leaf.
It shivered in the breeze.
A drop of dew weighed heavy.
Sunshine singed the crease.

Hope takes too much patience.

Now, detached,
I can only reconcile
with all
that I am

1 comment:

Saaleha said...

Hope takes too much patience.

blown away!