Tuesday, October 24, 2006

BluShing ShAdes of PiNk

I have attempted a new painting after a winter hibernation..
In Tribute to Delicious sUnshine.
Fragrant saffron yellows, flaming reds and heartwarming orange..
Meant to stand as cavalier dancers,
side by side to present my minds-eye image to a willing audience.
Friendly colours mingle in loving dance to reveal a beautiful sunset
in blushing shAdes of piNk.
Plans and outcomes dont always coincide,
theres beauty to be found either way if you look in the right places.


Z said...

wooo hoooo!

belated eid mubarak ! :)

Bilal said...

hmm, not always, not always...

kimya said...

hmm u too and thnx for that Captain Z...

Not always? profound repetition that, Bilal.. but what on earth are u meaning to emphasize?

negative or affirmative..

zee said...

hmmm....i feel like painting now

but i suck at it...so im going abstract:)

now all i have to do is steal nephews paint set!

Faaiq said...

de ja vu is repeating on me! make it stop! make it go away!

kimya said...

hey Zeeee... you cant steal his paints! thats worse than stealing canDYyy.. uncle :P

lol.. Che FaaiQ, get out the motorCycLe diaRies and teLL me wat the de ja vu is all about !!!


kimya said...
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Anonymous said...

sometimes you plan for sunshine in life, but even sunshine burns if you get to much of it...

so maybe sunset is a new beginning or a way of saying this lots over, game over, start over.


Anonymous said...

come to think of it, pink was never really your colour anyway :)

kimya said...

aaah.. i dont think this is a necessarily bad thing.. definitely not as morbid as the advise suggested :p

no cliff hanging for me.. its just that in art, formulation and interpretation tends to have a life of its own at some point and u just gotta let it go sometimes :)
truely the muse be loathe to constraints and constructs !!!

breathe free, create and be inspired by freedom. learn to fly! what else is worth living for?

kimya said...

oh and im opting for the silver lining as always :))))))

Anonymous said...

as was said, inebriated analysis.


Bilal said...

Plans and outcomes dont always coincide- not always, but not nearly often enough:P

kimya said...


true dat, but just as long as we keep in mind the lingering lesson of life: surely, He is the best of Planners :))

everything happens for a reason, alhamdulillah.


zee said...

ok, i suck at abstract as well :(
this has got to be a new low in my life:(