Thursday, January 11, 2007

Selective Transmission

By some wierd stroke of luck, the gods of the mobile networks have sent me to neverland. I just received a frantic call on my home phone from my cousin saying shes been trying to get a hold of me for two days now; she claims that her SMS messages arent getting delivered and that calls placed to my phone are being diverted to voice mail or getting the 'subscriber unavailable' diatribe. Thats quite interesting. No wonder Iv had such a blissful, stressfree week! And here I was thinking that people in the working world were just taking their time getting back into the swing of things :P
So. I placed a call to Vodacom Customer CareLine. Call Centre, Mike speaking. Nice voice :)
Pity he had no common sense. Sigh. He suggested I try a new phone. But my phones just fine. I called 111 didnt I!!! And I can logon to Mxit, and Jmirc and Wext and Google and and and. Oh and I can make calls too. Lol.
Selective transmission. Comes with some stress free living during the day. And some asocial tendencies after hours. The fans must continue to breathe. And so will I.


kimya said...

Its been decided! I have been forgiven my ceLLuLar siNs and any moBiLe misgivings.. a new year, a freSh start.. i am back online :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!

I was thinking you might be roaming the world again or somthing :-p

kimya said...

hey d..

even iF i had been roAming, i woulda been ROAMing :P