Thursday, January 08, 2009

dust off your hands... it will be done



what will you have?

a cup of tea? with lemon and ice?

or a bag of flour to bake your own cupcake, perhaps?

i have nothing to serve, you see...

you're an unlikely newness

raking the same glory from the days gone by

a bit too quickly for my liking, i say

and a bit too slow

if it counts that

there's a war crime or two

happening in some part up north

i don't know exactly where

just that

its not okay

because those babies i heard in my dream

weren't actually in combat

the lollypop that got splattered with blood

was just fresh out the wrapper


the baby was fresh out the wrapper!

but they said they were bombing

an area of armed combatants

(with lollypops - red ones!)

so what will it be?

a glass of ice water?

a dash of tequila?

on the rocks... and the rubble

underneath which

lies a mother and her two children

the third one is just



mush of flesh.

doesn't count.

it's just a matter of

ashes to ashes,


and clay

to dust.

white phosphorous will make sure of it!

dust off your hands. it will be done.

happy new year.

we can wait for FIFA's act,

but the games have already begun.


Anonymous said...

it has started off said isnt it.
yet again it is a mess and yet again we are not together.
how about a bag of bones and body of lies?

I think that will have a get set go the new year!

Nice Post Shafz. and thanks for comin back to my Haven :) been a long while. missed ya!

Anonymous said...

It started out with pain. There are people who do not respect human life. Just remember that not everything about this new year is sad.


KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey seher...

hope ur well.. i wish i had ur energy as far as writing goes! :)

thanks for the comment, kickstart year it is, hey! and still.. beyond all of that (a reminder that the world is a precarious place) still i have a great feeling about this year... i can't imagine it any other way... accept/except new enthusiasm.

but there are those moments... of feeling helpless to the onslaught. imagine if it was an everyday thing... everywhere... imagine sitting in New York, Dubai, London, Johannesburg, Karachi, Doha, Mumbai, Jakarta, Kolkata, Hong Kong, Chicago, Brisbane, Toronto, Nairobi, LA... Ok even Timbuktu?! Just about anywhere... sipping at a cuppaccino and hearing the sound of bombs in the distance. Is that the state of normality we strive for? I do wonder...

KimyaShafinaaz said...

It's all good, joe-ster :)

Just... if its ok to bomb civilians there, its ok anywhere... it be a world at war with itself really.

Anonymous said...

hey Shafz, i am well!
energy is scary aint it? people start thinking something is totally short-circuited in the upper chamber!!!

definitely a kick start year and i have been praying that it is the best year ever for us the hopeful species of God!
the energy has been good so far. :)

the moments of helplessness to the onslaught... well it has become an everyday thing has it not. i wonder how people in gaza, beirut, amman, ever have to do an abnormal day where there is absolute peace.
they will now find it totally boring and unreal if that happens!

Khadija said...

May we each fill 2009 with hopes of betterment and may we find the fight within us to see hope through.

Azra said...

Awww Shafs...been waiting a long time for you :)

Sad post innit...but its a reality. I must wonder if they are human at all...surely humans cannot be that cold and heartless? And what do they fight for? Land? Walls? Power? Its it worth it? Is it worth the heartache and devastation and horror...I dont know how some people sleep at night.

Anonymous said...




KimyaShafinaaz said...

hey there kay... i dnt think i'll make the party this weekend... thanks for thinking of me, lady :)

these words got juiced out by the expressions read at saaleha's and kay's blogs earlier today... words take the poison out. or they try to.

seher... i think its time i came out to visit u :P

azra! the clock to countdown is tick tick ticking honey ;)

UJ said...

pain and anger,
the bomb is called a daisy cutter ..
odd isn't it; sounds like a child's toy.

white phosporous, a science experiment perhaps;
or a perfume?
Not Napalm's bigger, uglier brother

KimyaShafinaaz said...

aah... allowing relation-link to napalm is putting the wolf in sheeps clothes... the evolution is far more sinister... far more deadly... it leaves no room anything but complete obliteration. slow, tortuous finality. even the devil himself couldn't think of such an evil idea!