Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The End...

Some of the most imaginative stories are begun with the words "Once Upon a Time".

Even Coelho's 'Eleven Minutes' does this. But then, the idea of beginning at the begin, is a nominal and conventional route as far as story-telling goes.

I like the idea of beginning at the end. It has that something in it that suggests we (at least a part) are permanently frozen in our every moment; that everyone moment of NOW has a nostalgic before and an inevitable after.

I have written a goodbye post to every year since I began blogging in 2005. Each time I said goodbye to a year of things and happenings; sometimes gladly, mostly reluctant... but then I never bid farewell to the memories or feelings or lessons. And mostly, I never ever said goodbye to the experiences that indulged my craving for wholeness. These were my highlights; my essential milestones... They were the products of my often limited supply of enthusiasm. And this limitation had to be pointed out to me; for a long time I deluded myself into believing that enthusiasm existed in endless supply. Then I heard not. It was like discovering that Santa doesn't exist. Or worse still, the Tooth Fairy! Imagine that?!

They happen every single year, of course. These milestones of discovery. And they're not always easy to acknowledge or recognise. Oh, but they sure do take place. Angels in disguise tend to present them in the most creative ways. Those same angels in disguise both force and entice the inner demons out on a scant spring-cleaning effort. And they tease the inner angels too, encouraging a romance of sorts between them for a time.

It's the End again. Candles have melted, and taps have run dry. There's no more squeezing that toothpaste tube. 2008 is done; save for a few pernicious scraps of dark poetry scribbled across the draft of that thing called a novel, and other's published here and there and elsewhere, it was another eventful and evolutionary year. That I can say, without so much as a drop of doubt.

A year ago, I yearned for newness. I got it in torrents. The storm replenished me, insatiated me... and then washed me ashore to yet another beach of newness. This ebb and flow is what life is all about. At least that what it is to me... part of that tidal wave of evolutionary relationships, personal growth and discovery... and a longer list of reasons to feel an overwhelming gratitude for riding the crest of the wave every so often, after a time of drowning in the confusion of the greater depths of salty water.

The ebb and flow... the circularity of reason... the evolution of life and being...
And the thrilling realisation that ends are really beginnings...

Here's wishing everyone a gregarious and enthusiastic new year 2009!

With love and appreciation



Anonymous said...

with my love flying back at you and may you fall in love with words over and over so that you can bathe us too :D
yea i sound like a maniac or rarher a freak ;) never fear when seher is here :D hehehe
having a charming year dear!

p.s. ignore the rhymes didnt mean for it.

yusuf_JT said...

Happy New Year to the ravishing Ms. KS

No wait, let me say happy new year, Shafinaaz. Here's to a year of proud identity and no issues. Hehe :-)

Yusuf 'Joe' Tar


greenyear2009 said...

Happy New Year Shafs!

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me, and to all writer's. Your love for and passion for writing overflows everywhere you go and in everything you do. I hope that inspiration returns back to you. May 2009 bring you everything your heart desires! May it bring you things to stimulate your mind and tickle your fancies; and may it present you with incredulous opportunities for that amazing mind!

You taught me to be thankful. May each year bring even more reasons to be so :))))))))))))

Also from me, love and gratitude all the way!


mr.mrs.greenchilli said...

'He' also says HNY to you!

He looking over my shoulder saying, 'What about Me?'

Shucks! I need to start signing off as Mr & Mrs Erm...Green?


KimyaShafinaaz said...


Seher... the rhymes are incredible! Thanks for that :P
Aw, keep 'em coming!

..Thanks Yusuf. Need I say more? :)

Dear Mr and Mrs Green Chilli

May the year ahead be Hotter than the one gone by! Here's to sizzling success, awesome news and wonderful friends! Here's to yOu! Erm, both of you :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Aiyyy I meant to say

'Mr & Mrs Green Mirchi'

of course :)

Here's to a little mirchi-masala in the year ahead! Come to think of it, your kids are going to be a riot ;)

Azra said...

Happy New Year S :)

You can believe that out of the very few good things that came out of 2008 for me, you were one of them :)

Heres to more ebbing and flowing...and LIVING and DOING. I'm not going to over-analyse my life this year.
Like I told the family. This year is about just living it up, its now or never :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

Wow. Words fail me, Azra :)

I feel blessed to know you...
Thank you for your amazing grace and inspiration... Yea, over-analysis we leave aside; there's only time for living! It's going to be a good year. It is :)